Novedades en Plone 0.9.9

Changelog for Plone

(name of developer listed in brackets)

Plone 0.9.9 - Bola - Released May 25, 2002

  • Replaced all references to TextColor with FontColor, added headingFontColor property

  • New undo page

  • New search results page

  • All CSS and most HTML validate according to W3C’s validators

  • fixed up MembershipTool which will add a homepage which will partcipate in workflow

  • added a FormulatorTool (portal_form_validation) which is a thin wrapper around Formulator and exposes minimal amounts of functionality. I didnt know about CMFFormsTool when I did this ( not doing its job) so I will have to take another look at whether or not we should go with this more advanced component.

  • in CSS we have: class=”label required” now, and “field error” if a error has occurred.

  • added validation for all _edit_forms, look in plone_scripts/validate_

  • removed plone_images/img, all images are now in plone_images

    WARNING: you should always specify the full url to the image or caching will not occur. ${here/portal_url}/image.gif You want to cache as many images on the client side (or in caches in front of your ZOPE) as possible.

  • navigate* scripts were fixed (thanks to AndyD) which were causing some authentication errors

  • seperated form specific scripts into plone_form_scripts (this includes validation scripts)

  • file_view when you download no longers puts trailing 0’s and uploaded file and image views

  • file and images will change id’s to the uploaded file (strip extension). if you -specify- an id, like all other objects the file will be renamed to this id regardless of uploaded file there is no validation on file and images

  • fixed folder_edit (renaming was broke) also added validation - if you specify a id, the title is not mandatory. we dont want people to have autogenerated ID’s in the folder_contents listing

  • plone_calendar added - thanks to AndyD

    calendar now works out of the box (after running installation script)

  • fixed ordinary view and ‘up one level’.

  • ability to remove MyPortrait

  • put absolute paths in for stylehseets (in the @imports we do that in a script,

  • all stylesheets now send back RESPONSE headers that promote caching on clients

  • in Install/Upgrade we set a property, allowAnonymousViewAbout which toggles whether or not anonymous users should see a content’s about box. by default it is turned off. content_template was impacted

  • navigation works nicely if you are logged in. you can ‘go up one level’ to the root URL and then gets it folder_contents should promote people to put content in-place.

  • join_form is now validated using portal_form_validation, we need people to review this code!

  • Plone Folder is now the default Folder type inside a portal.

  • if there is no index_html defined it will display Directory Listing

    (like Apache)

  • uses Access Contents Information permission

  • if index_html it renders that

  • currently old folders are not converted to the Plone Folders in a

    website. we need to migration script to do this.

  • CSS can now be manipulated by, dont need to customize to the CSS themselves. This means you can keep your colors even if we change the CSS files.

  • individual objects can be toggled discussionable in their metadata edit forms (taken from CMF1.2 metadata form)

  • discussions attached to a object use structured-text

  • from folder_contents you can now publish multiple objects if you have permission

  • join_box doesnt show up if anonymous doenst have access to add portal member

  • Netscape 4.x graceful degrading added. It has its own CSS files.

  • review_box shows all content that matches any worklist where you qualify NOTE: this means DCWorkflow has now become -required- and you should use worklists to assign items to people.

  • if you are in multiple worklists, you will not get duplicate entries in review list in your UI ;)

  • took out unused getObject() calls in

  • Changed ALL pages to use main_template as their template, instead of the previous two portal_template and content_template. This means we are compatible with all existing CMF Products, although they can break our look a wee bit if they are coded badly, which a lot of Products unfortunately are.

  • Added new method to deal with CSS values - stylesheet_properties.props

  • standard_html_header/footer are now in place for backwards compatibility. thanks Evan Simpson!

  • Collector and Wiki have been minimally skinned (plone_3rdParty)

  • added default content to the root of Plone, index_html

  • moved most of the boxes into plone_ui_slots (trying to lighten portal_boxes), added FSDirectoryView for ui_slots

  • you can now create a Plone site by simply ‘Add Plone Site’ from inside the ZMI (thanks Lalo!)

  • suppressed empty comment history in content_status_history

  • Calendar slot works as Expected (only published events show up)

  • rejected content status no longer redirects to a search page

  • if you upload a binary into a Document object, form validation gripes [useability issue]

  • CMFTopics pretty much work, there is a bit more work to do.

  • and other CMF1.3 issues have been resolved (setting a member properties API has changed in 1.2->1.3)

  • showEditableBorder has gone through quite a bit of changes.. still is wrong

  • Comments have been modified - they are still unuseable ;(

  • Lucas Marshall pointed out a javascript error in the calendar slot on MacOS and a fix 8)

  • News items can now use structured-text in the edit_form

  • my_worklist works correctly and sorts in ascending order for modified

  • you can now edit text of File objects who has text content_type

  • added StringIO string access

  • added ‘change status’ button that allows mass publishing of folder contents

  • refactored filesystem directory view skin structure

  • plone_scripts contains scrips and supporting form_scripts

  • plone_templates containers site wide templates and supporting ui_slots

  • plone_styles container default style and optional plone_themes

  • base href is now compatible with how other CMF Products work. This means you can use other CMFProducts out of hte box (hopefully ;)

  • beginnings of workspace

  • moved back to 2 column layout (CMFPlone/Extensions/ migrate2ColumnLayout function)

  • no longer have to go to folder_factories to create a certain type, can do it from folder_contents

  • many more changes and cleanups

Plone 0.9.8 - Ulrich Schnauss - Released March 19, 2002

  • renaming of objects
  • more mozilla enhancements
  • calendar support code was optimized (AndyD)
  • on Memberarea creation creates a .personal folder for Portrait and future private items (by convention)
  • fixed it so that http:// isnt always added to link’s remote_url
  • other things I forgot ;’(

Plone 0.9.5 - Released January 31, 2002

  • enormous overhaul of entire UI. UI now works with Mozilla. Install script installs skins navigation boxes work (left hand side)
  • worked out most deadends
  • some security calls have been put in place
  • navigation is much nicer and lends itself to more real-world use of CMF as filesystem/document sharing
  • some cleaning up of code, lots of inefficiencies remaining ( like listFolderContents) breadcrumbs overhauled
  • comments have been changed, still more to go before 1.0
  • some visual queues exist for users (green border around objects which can be edited)
  • plone can now be skinned entirely using CSS and overriding the /img folder NOTE: you will need to have copies of all the images in your /img folder
  • system should never prompt someone for Username/password if they are logged in all *_edit scripts return back to objects view
  • changing ID works in *_edit_form
  • you can now customize your ‘portrait’ in /Members/roster by doing the following:
  • create a folder, .personal in your home folder
  • create a image in .personal called MyPortrait
  • publishing your /Members//.personal/MyPortrait image
  • folder_contents now sort (case insensitive) alphabetically by default, no more ‘pagination’ in batches of 10
  • added current server time in the top right corner ;)
  • content_status_history has been simplified – still hardcoded transitions ;(
  • BSD license added (not final license, as will require some non-visual (?) attribution)

Plone 0.9 - Released January 20th, 2002

  • load of fixes, too many to even attempt to keep track of ;)

Plone 0.7 - Released December 12th, 2001

  • folder_edit_form id is editable (not so if its your own member folder id ;)
  • new
  • new folder structure (makes more sense)
  • new look (content tabs)

Plone 0.6

  • so fast didnt have time to catch ‘em

Plone 0.5 - Released December 3rd, 2001

  • fixed search form up
  • fixed folder_contents (not have an extended_edit, since we muck w/ metadata alot)

Plone 0.4 - Released October 23rd, 2001

  • Various improvements

Plone 0.1 - Released October 4th, 2001

  • Initial release
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