Novedades en Plone 1.0.5

Changelog for Plone

(name of developer listed in brackets)

Plone 1.0.5 - Breakbeat Era - Released September 9, 2003

  • Security fix in CMF made us issue a new release with the updated CMF 1.3.2.
  • Workaround for the disappearing text bug in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows.

Plone 1.0.4 - Zita Swoon - Released August 14, 2003

  • Plone is now compliant with the two most widely-used accessibility standards in the world - Level A Conformance to the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WAI-A) and US Government Section 508 compliant. The law applies to all US Federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology. Under Section 508 (29 U.S.C. 794d), agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others. Plone is now able to be used in these agencies. [sh1mmer] [limi]
  • Removed code that appeared to be causing login problems with IE 5.0. To enable testing to see if cookies are enabled when a user logs in, you will need to set the property ‘test_cookie_name’ to some non-empty string in portal_properties/site_properties and make sure that your main_template actually sets a cookie with the name you have specified. See the standard main_template for some sample code. [geoffd]
  • Backported Print CSS fixes from HEAD. All browsers now print properly, apart from Mozilla, which still has some way to go before it understands print CSS properly, it seems. Tested in IE and Opera 7. [limi]
  • PloneFolder.contentValues has grown two args: sort_on and reverse. sort_on is a attribute or a callable method on the objects. reverse is 0 by default [runyaga]

Plone 1.0.3 - Brazil - Released June 19, 2003

  • Fixed ERRATA in 1.0.2
  • various bug fixes such as favorites_slot, discussion edit problems
  • WorkflowTool.doActionFor was not returning objects if they were moved
  • DTML support is now working again (NOTE: deprecated in Plone 1.1)
  • added a property in portal_properties/site_properties called invalid_ids which will not be allowed to be used in the CMF/Plone site.

Plone 1.0.2 - Vert - Released June 3, 2003

  • Fixed permissions on PloneFolder methods set in (1195)
  • ‘local roles’ tab is now determined by ‘Change Permissions’ permission.
  • If you dont have access to a object you no longer get a login_form but a “permission denied” view [gdavis]
  • added vcXMLRPC lib
  • Fixed behaviour of the definition list and pre tags in presentation mode. [limi]
  • tabindex can now be used in left/right_slot too.
  • Breadcrumbs and form validation error messages are now translated
  • Added javascript to warn people that they have cookies disabled before they try to log in.
  • Added a page that walks people through the process of enabling cookies.
  • Fixed up the code that sends users on to their destination when they log in.
  • When you are logged in and visit a page for which you don’t have sufficient privileges, you now get a message that says “you have insufficient privileges to view this page” rather than a login prompt.
  • Removed “(No Description)” string in
  • creates an object to hold customization policy results, if any.
  • The IE6 fix for invisible text was broken, should work now.
  • Added translation to field ‘type’ in folder_listing table. Replaced ‘n/a’ with ‘&nbsp’ to work like folder_contents
  • Only show “Add Comment” button if discussion is allowed, and user has permission to reply to item.
  • added on-error for search results when path(‘here/%s’%result.getIcon) raises a AttributeError
  • making less assumptions in Portal/Customization Policy for migrations of very old Plones and imported nested_scopes in
  • visual tidy up of main_template and header and try to see if variables have been declared before blindly re-initing them.
  • removed the setHeader() in header

Plone 1.0.1 - Mira Calix - Released February 19, 2003

  • Added “Dry run” option to portal_migration
  • Syndication is now using portal_form.
  • calendarDatePickerBox used tabindex instead of tabindex/next
  • validation of expiration_date and effective_date in content_status_history was broken
  • checkPermission was being traversed to in breadcrumbs, navigation*, and my_worklist.
  • file/image_edit_form had unexpected behavior. If you had uploaded content (without a Name) it would generate the name. But if you uploaded new content it would rename the object to the new id ;’(. Thanks to Robert Rotterdam for pointing it out and to Limi for having patience ;-). we now check isIDAutoGenerated() and if not then we keep the old id.
  • added member and portal global variables in main_template for backwards compatability
  • fixed bug in new issue formPlone 1.0

Plone 1.0 - Released February 6, 2003

  • calendar_slot now uses absolute_url() and template.getId() (so you can stay on templates)
  • modified condition of ‘state’ action in portal_actions so that DTML objects work
  • Removed old Xopus files
  • Removed XSDHTML editor, all editors should be add-ons and not in core Plone
  • Added more flexibility for add-on editors by moving format selector into
  • Netscape 4 support is back.
  • Fixed IE6’s bad handling of floating elements - no more invisible text on the pages that triggered this bug. This is done with a couple of lines in Javascript - no HTML changes.
  • fixed the content_status_modify.failure navigation to goto content_status_history instead of old action:publishing thanks to Robert Rotterman. NOTE: please do not submit bugs to sourceforge tracker.

Plone 1.0 rc2

  • removed the properties in site_properties that belong in the root validate_email, email_from_name/addr

  • added geoff davis’s and tidied up most PageTemplates

  • Issue 787 submitted by Ronnix. Fixes the appropriate place of email_from_address

  • now on a portal_workflow.doActionFor() we reindexObjectSecurity()! I think this is already done since we are using DCWorkflow! Specifically this was addressed by vlado Issue #442. When a folder has changed its permissions and should affect the security for its children.

  • migration machinery to add skins, change personalize_form to go back to personalize_form

  • typo in portal_navigation default.folder_rename_form.success should be script:folder_rename this typo was propagated throughout previous migration scripts and was also fixed. thanks to flacoste for pointing this out.

  • Rewrote the box code, thanks to interra for help with troubleshooting browser bugs. Any customized boxes will need a small update, essentially you need to do the following to make a box:

    <div class="box">
      <div class="body">
       Then it's just the usual:
       <div class="even content">

    etc. (Remember that you will need to do a Ctrl-F5 (force refresh) to make use of the new CSS file - normally it is cached for a day or two)

  • Added skin variable to end of CSS file name, avoids caching problems when switching skins on the fly.

  • Added several new skins. Plone now contains the skins:

    • Plone Autumn
    • Plone Core
    • Plone Core Inverted
    • Plone Corporate
    • Plone Default
    • Plone Greensleeves
    • Plone Kitty
    • Plone Mozilla
    • Plone Mozilla New
    • Plone Prime
    • Plone Zed
  • Fix for the printing problems which caused some text to disappear along the right edge.

  • Added more i18n stuff, the calendar is now fully localized. Remember that you need to run Zope without any special language settings for this to work

  • Search results now use the defined time format

  • Added CSS workaround for STX tables, they now look like real Plone Tables(tm ;)

  • Lots and lots of i18n updates

Plone 1.0 rc1

  • added ‘fullname’ to portal_memberdata
  • ‘properties’ forms (metadata_edit_form) no longer allows anyone to add keywords. this is now controlled in portal_properties/site_properties/allowRolesToAddKeywords
  • Added code to ensure that content object ids do not collide with skin names or reserved ids.
  • Added protocol parameter to portal_form_url script. Fixes issue 593
  • Made sure that the main portal types (file, image, document, event, link, newsitem, folder) all work with portal_factory. Cleaned up some minor edit form bugs and added some form titles where they were missing.
  • Fixed a bug in which uploading two files with the same name in the same folder caused an id collision and dumped you into the ZMI.
  • Made ids optional for the main portal types (file, image, document, event, link, newsitem, folder). If no id is specified, uses the object’s current id. Fixes issue 66.
  • Per the request of our usability guru, for items that can have their id set from a file name (file, image, document) we show a blank id when the item is first created.
  • add_ext_editor script was added. If you have ExternalEditor installed and you run this script; it should configure your system to use it.
  • tiny feature.. the filename will remain if your validation fails (not in IE) Issue 597
  • folder_publish now applied effective/expiration dates and will do so recurssively. Fixes Issue 605.
  • Added site_properties into beta2-beta3 migration script. Thanks interra Issue #659
  • Added some navigation properties into the beta2-beta3 migration script that were missing. Also put them into the newly created beta3-rc1 migration script for people who migrated using the existing script. Fixes Issue 600.
  • Added a fallback for createObject navigation when the new object has no ‘edit’ action. Fixes problems with installing CMFWiki and possibly other packages.
  • refactored (only slightly) folder_contents. Think I may have solved some leakage. In previous versions we got a reference to allowedContentTypes and then did a .sort() and it seemed ZPT was not cleaning up after itself. ;’( introduced sortObjects (was sortObjectValues) and I think its “Doing The Right Thing”
  • added lock icon to folder_contents (which automatically will show up in content_status_history) and about_slot
  • minor optimizations of folder_contents and folder_listing. lookup references to objects and then use them instead of repeating lookups. its pretty obvious looking at the table tag what has been defined before being used. Just Good Practice(tm)

Plone 1.0 beta3

  • Added all missing i18n strings, merged some strings to better facilitate translations to Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  • Renamed Plone XP skin to Plone Corporate to avoid confusion with a certain operating system ;) This will break your skinpath if you have it pointing to plone_styles/winxp, change it to plone_styles/corporate instead.
  • Workflow modification so that Owners can see folder_buttons in Folders that they own. Also moved over hardcoded Permissions to constants found in CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions fixes Issue 557
  • misspell in found by dc0e - thanks! fixes Issue 579
  • the Portal object needs to be ‘publicized’. fixes Issue 569
  • if form validaton fails for content_status_history keep dates and comments
  • since CMFCalendar/ uses a different set of Permissions, ‘Change portal events’ we need to add this permission to the Workflow definitions and set the permissions appropriately. fixes Issue 575
  • removed a useless conditional check on thanks sspickle!
  • Xopus technology preview has been checked in. It only works on document_edit_forms currently. Thanks to for the revolutionary technology. !!WARNING!!: Careful if you use Mozilla, it swallows the first paragraph when you save at the moment. Will be fixed in a later release, this is just to get a feel of how things will work.
  • turned on the ‘SuppressHiddenFiles’ in folder_contents and folder_listing. Now folders that begin with a . will not show up. Ideally we would want this turned off if we were a Manager. This is something people can customize themself. .personal should be for: Portrait, Personal Events, etc.
  • added getFolderContents which wraps listFolderContents for backwards compatibility with PortalFolder. Since it does not provide a suppressHiddenFiles arg we will manually apply the suppression in the script. navtree_builder has been modified as well so that we will not show these in the navigation tree
  • added verifyPermission argument in according to Issue 551 thanks to mitja
  • in PrivatePlonePolicy made Members folder ‘published’ so that navigation slot works for Members I believe this resolves Issue 489

NOTE We released a beta3 tarball and then decided to fix the above before a final beta3 tarball release

  • whether or not /folder_contents is appended to the url in folder_contents is now determined by site_properties/use_folder_contents
  • Issue #458 - portal_properties.site_properties is where all Plone/site-wide configuration data is now held
  • Moved changes from 1.2 to to the migration
  • Added the migration tool
  • Added PloneInitialize which loads up the ZODB with a Plone instance and some goodies, if and only if the write type of config file that the installer writes is found.
  • CustomizationPolicy made the ‘folder contents’ tab on object un-visible. Also changed the name of ‘folder contents’ for folder category to ‘contents’ Changes ‘Publishing’ tab title to ‘Workflow’
  • Added “Print this page” option.
  • Reworked the CSS for forms. Should look good in all browsers now, and the wrapping problem should be resolved.
  • Made all fonts use percentage values, untangled nesting, made textareas use non-proportional fonts. Fixed several other visual bugs.
  • NavigationExceptions now dump stack traces to the event log rather than including them in the error message.
  • Object IDs are checked for collision with skin files when renaming objects. This prevents a stack overflow in BSD.
  • createObject now uses portal navigation (default is action:edit)
  • Added getId and meta_type to the catalog metadata
  • Added support for CMFBTreeFolder if it is installed.
  • Added a script,, that adds portal_form to a URL in the appropriate spot. If you set your form’s action to python:here.portal_form_url(, the portal_form machinery will kick in upon submission even if the form’s URL doesn’t have portal_form in it initially.
  • Added validation for folder_rename and changed the navigation properties accordingly.
  • Added “New items since last login” to the logged_in page.
  • You can now set the length of the authorization cookie in portal_properties.site_properties
  • Added portal_properties.site_properties property sheet for portal wide properties
  • Issue 478, folder contents ‘add new item’ list is now sorted in alphabetical order
  • If a member has defined a portrait it will now show up in ‘local roles’ form also the defaultUser.gif portrait will show up in your preferences unless you personalize the portrait
  • Major CSS update:
  • added new box class
  • rewrote all boxes (everything in ui_slots) to use the new code
  • made News use the new code
  • made Collector use the new code
  • made viewThreadsAtBottom use the new code
  • moved viewThreadsAtBottom to templates dir
  • IMPORTANT: if you have customized your stylesheet properties, you need to add the new destructiveButton properties to yours, have a look in stylesheet_properties.props
  • All CSS2 style sheets are now contained in plone.css. This causes fewer requests, and a general speedup both in rendering and transfer.
  • Changed the person icon and name in personal bar to link to page of self, not folder_contents. This is more consistent with the use of the person icon elsewhere, and you now have both view and folder contents link in personal bar.
  • All Netscape4 style sheets were collapsed into on, and re-built. Plone is much faster and looks much better in Netscape 4.x now.
  • fixed ISSUES: 327, 363, 445 (thanks interra!), 485, 60, 491, 495, 364 (CustomizationPolicy), 494, 488 (more logic in showEditableBorder sigh), 452 (gdavis), 349, 437 (Private Policy, thanks mitja!), 471 (thanks SDuncan)
  • Issue 473 - we now have a standard_error_message python script that calls the default_error_message PageTemplate. Its possible for you to customize this script and dispatch to an appropriate PageTemplate depending on the error that was raised. Thanks to Tino Wildenhain for providing insight. #zope is such a great resource.
  • factored out into 4 entities: (dispatches to appopriate view),,,
  • fixed workflow permissions so that: if the Manager ‘publishes’ the root Folder object (so that Members can ‘List folder contents’) that Members can still ‘List folder contents’ and get the folder_buttons (portal_actions) displayed in their home folder. NOTE: at the end of CustomizationPolicies both catalog and workflow tool will be ‘reindexed’
  • file_view uses a href now instead of a input button

Plone 1.0 Beta 2

  • navigation slot/tree was made more resilient to exceptions thrown while traversing child nodes
  • migration script has been updated to transfer portal_memberdata over in a more sane way
  • if you only have 1 item you can add dont show drop down list in folder_contents just show ‘Add New $contenttype’ and insert a hidden form variable
  • PrivateCustomizationPolicy had no way to let anonymous users view content. This is debatable feature but 99% end users will want a tranistion that allows content to be visible by a Anonymous user. Thus introduced the public state and publicize tranistion
  • PloneFolder mixes in DefaultDublinCoreImpl and declares the DublinCore interface also it maps manage_addFolder to manage_addPloneFolder
  • By default only Subject keywords assigned in the portal_metadata show up in metadata_edit_form instead of the default CMF policy of all Keywords ever assigned + the allowed ones. Also alphabetized Keywords and Languages. Also removed ‘None’ from dates.
  • reconfig_form didn’t use the postback value of default language, if the form had errors.
  • Bugs fixed 373, 383, 316, 433, 329, 441
  • metadate_edit_form added a ‘n’ in Contrbutors field, everytime it was saved.
  • Issue 403 - added ‘<meta>’ tags to header, not really used by modern search engines need script
  • reintroduced getPersonalFolder/getPersonalPortrait python scripts for backwards compatibility
  • Topics use folder_workflow now
  • added titles for *_edit_forms (breadcrumbs seemingly have changed)
  • Issue 300 - Standardized batch navigation. Batching now uses PloneBatch and its macro.
  • Issue 440 - Forms automatically focus on input element with tabindex=1
  • main_template now uses
  • added structure here/title_or_id to plone_contents and other views. Thanks to ‘DZ’ on for noticing
  • dont show a select box, “Show all items” in folder_contents unless there are types
  • gave Manager ‘Modify portal content’ permission in folder_workflow.published
  • closed out Issue 457. now ppl can define a ploneCustom.css and it will be included in the header
  • zwork and limi have worked out quite a few issues regarding the new tree maker

Plone 1.0 Beta 1

  • Added tree navigation from Philipp Auersperg and made it the default navigation device. Thanks!
  • Fixed #245, there can now be more than one sortable table on a page. Use class listing to make it sortable, class nosort to avoid sorting.
  • CustomizationPolicy was not saving changes to personal_form/addtofavorites in new_actions now things work as Expected
  • moved getPersonalFolder/getPersonalPortrait to portal_membership tool instead of FSPythonScripts
  • Cleaned out all old javascript, consolidated everything into one file, this makes the whole thing more caching-friendly. You can also sort any table on any page by putting id=”sortable” in the table tag.
  • Moved all javascript/ECMAscript into the plone_ecmascript folder. This will require earlier instances of Plone to have plone_ecmascript added to their skinpath. New sites will work fine.
  • The big i18n branch was merged into main Plone, breaks the existing translation files, (none of who are complete at the moment anyway) but is much more future-proof. We have this change in as early as possible, and it makes everything much easier to manage from here on. to have a much better control over i18n in the future.
  • subjects(keywords) in metadata tool were being saved with null property.. automatically relating items
  • filtering was broke changed folder_contents had filter_by_Type where CMF1.3 now uses filter_by_portal_type this required changed to folder_contents and filterTypes - only 2 lines of code to change ;) - thanks Florrent!
  • topic has been changed to to make the icon clickable, it now uses title or id of the catalog brain
  • related box now has ‘<br />’ seperating elements and will not show related items that dont have a title - thanks kpm! added icons, sort by Type and changed up navigationLocal and only shows published items - thanks Raphael Volz!
  • MembershipTool.changeMemberPortrait() method added and removed from personalize_form
  • added MIGRATION documentation
  • calendar_slot will only search for items with review_state=published
  • width/height are correctly being calculated for all icons (limi fixed)
  • added validator for content_status_modify and if folder_publish is used for mass publishing it will redirect back to folder_contents asking for publishing action if none is supplied
  • also fixed the mass publishing which was borked. now we pass around the container
  • Issue 266 fixed - topic_view now says ‘no results found’
  • Issue 288 fixed - favorites slot needed ‘<br />’
  • removed CSSImports and inlined @imports into style tal:content=”string”
  • put Content-Language to use here.Language() or
  • portal_properties.default_language
  • changed ‘My Stuff’ to ‘My Folder’
  • moved edit_forms in with content
  • moved event_* into plone_3rdParty/CMFCalendar for consitency
  • Issue 204 fixed
  • Sigve Tjora fixed the migration machinery - incredible job! CMFPlone/Extensions/ Ownership is carried over properly and reindexes newsite after migration
  • portal_status_message is shown when a object is created, type_name has been created.
  • Ownership form is wired up but is not visible by default
  • added quick_undo script, one step undo. not visible by default
  • removed the download tab on File view since we have a button
  • fixed Issue 242, if portal_title==here/title_or_id (in a pagetemplate) search for template/id in header - thanks ronnix for pointing this out. We do this by adding properties on the filesystem i.e. to give search the title=Search results
  • ‘<shiver>’ added more logic to breadcrumbs so you can see templates i.e. search tab will show home >> search form - fixes issue 211 ‘</shiver>’
  • now uses Effective/Expiration data accessors
  • Andy McKay added nested discussions.
  • You can now delete discussions (need to put security check)

Plone 1.0 alpha4

  • publishing now works without javascript. #202
  • moved plone_calendar to plone_3rdParty/CMFCalendar (your skinpath will need updating if migrate)
  • add ownership_form (so you can change ownership)
  • Private plone sites now keep their portal_registration tool, resolving # 243, #250.
  • Anonymous users do not have Add portal member permission in private plone sites anymore.
  • Members folder is no longer cataloged upon reincarnation as a Plone Folder
  • formtooltips for anonymous user are defaulted to portal_memberdata setting
  • fixed FreeBSD segfault problem in forms caused by IndexIterator inheriting from ZTUtils.Iterator
  • Issue 236 resolves - verified by Michael Dietrich
  • search_form changed to use portal_type instead of Type thanks to Buehlmann and JeffK
  • moved all content forms to portal_form machinery
  • ‘editor view’ wasnt going to the parent to list folder_contents
  • added personazlie_form/reconfig_form to portal_from machinery
  • when you changed password it was forwarding rather than redirecting to personalize_form and losing the portal_form proxy
  • portal_status_messages have been added for all the validate_* and *_edit forms
  • news form now has links to Creators homepage
  • first cut at a migration script look Extensions/
  • many more changes
  • made a second release of alpha4 with input from Jon Lim - thanks!
  • FormTool had typo
  • removed old CMF skins in portal_skins
  • if your object didnt have a title in a topic it wouldnt show the id
  • Issue 345 - content_status_modify wasnt using editMetadata and wasnt guaranteed to set the effective/expiration date - FIXED. and minor aethetic cleanups to boot
  • since we got rid of ‘index_html’ as a PageTemplate and its a Document. there was no flexible way to assign left/right columns easily. so we now can use Folder properties, left_slots and right_slots to put the Path expressions to the slots. These properties are acquired but Membes.right_slots is empty.

Plone 1.0 alpha3

  • removed tabs, request.set(‘disable_border’,1) from: news, roster, search, and search_form
  • reconfig_form for site wide configuraiton has form validation, and exposes loads of configuration options
  • change in main_template for portal_types to get object_tabs from folder/object has been pushed into a property on portal
  • added ‘use_folder_tabs’ property on portal object. portal_type ids that are listed will get folder_actions instead of object_actions in main_template.
  • fixed edit_topicCriteria (has debug code in it) added navprops entry and modified script to use getNextRequestFor
  • Members now have default Title/Description Issue 206
  • if Casey’s incredible ExternalEditor application is installed in ZOPE the CustomizationPolicy will integrate it into Plone this is the ext_editor boolean property on the Portal Object
  • portal_factory tool has been added - Geoff Davis (freakin brilliant) this exists to smooth over the fact that you can have empty orphaned objects if someone leaves after they create a object but before they ‘save’ changes. this tool will create a proxy object that does not exist in the ZODB and the form will be rendered against this proxy object.
  • portal_form tool has been added - Geoff Davis (what a great idea!) this co-ordinates the instance, portal_navigation and the edit forms and acts like a ‘Controller’
  • portal_properties has been extended to now be a container - Alan and Geoff Davis
  • tabindex is now being used to generate the tabindex numbers for all fields
  • thanks to Helge!!
  • Topic interface has been completely skinned - cheers to Helge/Alex duo!
  • if event data isnt set it now shows back up in the form - helge
  • integrated XSDHTMLEditor and a way to add other “popup” editor boxes
  • publishing tab will not show up for anonymous #224
  • added more options in ‘plone setup’ form
  • new Portal wide Property, ‘use_folder_tabs’ needs to know what Types are considered ‘Folders’ so it shows folder tabs and not object tabs. Wiki/Collector are examples of folderish objects that we dont want to see folder tabs for.
  • Issues resolves: 206, 214, 173, 229, 106, 180 (removed CANCEL for now), 198, 233 and others
  • ‘select all’ column has been added to folder_contents and general folder_contents refactoring
  • you can now specify a Default Language for the Portal

Plone 1.0alpha2

  • Added localLongTimeFormat, set to ‘%Y-%m-%d %I:%M %p’ by default. Used by Events.

  • Publish tabs now appear on all content types if they have available tranistions

  • configurable tabs and buttons have change:

  • local_buttons (in folder_contents form) is now folder_buttons

  • local_tabs (on all pages that showborder) are now object_tabs

  • global_tabs (at the top of the page) are now portal_tabs

  • change status (‘mass publishing’) now works as expected

  • personalize_form was reseting values on form validation failure

  • on the rename form you can now change the id and title (maybe the id should be optional)

  • the way forms interacted with editing scripts has changed:

  • form validation has been refactored (basiclly the only thing you need in validate_*.py)

  • the actual editing scripts call plone_utils.getNext???For() to get the next screen to goto

  • look at plone_scripts/form_scripts/navigation_properties.props if you want to change this.

  • bad id’s will not escape the validation machinery

  • if you want to disable registration, unregister the registration tool from portal_actions and then remove it

  • added small IndexIterator utility class (PloneUtilities.IndexIterator), we should use this for tabindexs

  • metadata_edit_form now has mimetypes/languages boxes that work, also popup calendar works now as well

  • some python scripts did not have context namespaces bound to them (on the filesystem)

  • files that declard modules in folders if had 0 bytes made winzip unhappy

  • folder_contents will no longer show empty dropdown/add new item button or (up one level) if they are not usable

  • on Plone site creation we now add another workflow defnition, folder_workflow which is bound to Folder types.

  • instead of having a Document as index_html, we use a PageTemplate that fills out the master macro and renders the CookedBody() of the old index_html, now affectionally called ‘frontpage’

  • added a Navigator Controller. navigational_properties.props is how you customize the various page transitions

  • everything has been (should be) wired up to the new machinery

  • has been added to Extensions. use it by http://site/object/view_source?template_id=$id

  • create external method, id=view_source, module=CMFPlone.view_source,


  • topics have been skinned. subtopics now share their listing/management of subtopics with folder_contents

  • removed ‘my workspace’ (not visible action) until CMFWorkspaces and friends land

  • undo form now will return you to where you were when you went to the undo form

  • added a PrivateSiteCustomizationPolicy that makes a plone site “private” (preconfigures workflow’s) – you will still need to customize the header to get rid of the search_form tal:condition=”not: here/portal_membership/isAnonymousUser”

  • added metadata tab to Event contentType in DefaultCustomizationPolicy

  • fixed issue 163

  • metadata tab is now labeled Properties

  • added XSDHTMLEditor to document form for trial before 1.0

Plone 1.0alpha - Boards of Canada Release:

  • refactored how edit scripts work. lots of heavy lifting is now done in plone_utils.editContent()
  • specialized WorkflowTool and got rid of sloppy External Methods, getWorklists and getAvailableTransitions
  • added a Utility object, plone_utils
  • tooltips and ID boxes in edit_forms can be turned off in personal settings
  • Tres added _cloneActions to ActionProviderBase and co. API and gave diff to CustomizationPolicy. All hail Tres!
  • created a CustomizationPolicy for alternate Customizations to be applied to Plone on site creation these can be seperate products that register with the Portal.addPolicy()
  • all forms were majorly refactored: popup help boxes were added, i18n namespaces were used, general html cleanup
  • license changed to GPL, companies can get Plone licensed under BSD - they will need to contact Plone Industries
  • added transaction notes (exposed on the undo form)
  • added form validation to password_form
  • renamed recent_news to news
  • removed duplicate content_*_forms (publishing forms)
  • consolidated the content_status_history and content_publishing_history into content_status_history (bad name) which can publish 1 object or multiple objects.
  • folder_contents now uses actions whose cataegories are local_buttons
  • fullname was not being used. we took it out on personalize form and register form (you can add this back)
  • metadata_edit_form Discussionabiltiy is now radio boxes not dropdown
  • issue #30 - autogenerated passwords only partially being honored
  • issue #58 resolved
  • issue #52 resolved
  • issue #47 resolved
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