Novedades en Plone


  • Update to work on Lardy Lion. (OS X 10.7)


  • Update to 3.3.6.
  • Permission fixups for extra directories inside var.


  • Adapt to 3.3.5.
  • Extend permissions setting to make LC_MESSAGES directories in zope writable by client processes in cluster configuration.
  • Snow Leopard doesn’t need CFLAGS=”-arch x86_64” to compile on 10.6 64, and it prevents compilation on 10.6 32. Removed.
  • Check /usr/lib64 for .so files in checkLib.
  • CFLAGS needs exporting.


  • Updated to 3.3.4


  • Updated to 3.3.3
  • Added dumppickedversions extension and pinned all unpinned eggs used by the unified installer.


  • Update to 3.3.2
  • Move build environment settings out of individual help scripts and into the main
  • setuptools-0.6c11 doesn’t seem to work with PIL. Changed build of PIL to avoid it.


  • Use “-U” flag when running buildout to avoid collisions with personal buildout config files.
  • Adapt to 3.3.1

3.3 - installer revision 20090908

  • Improve OS X 10.6 compatibility (a work in progress; there are still python tests failing, though Zope/Plone seems to work).
  • Update to Python 2.4.6
  • Update to Zope 2.10.9


  • Adapt to 3.3
  • Update to Zope 2.10.8


  • Adapt to 3.3rc5


  • Adapt to 3.3rc4
  • Build local readline by default on Darwin.
  • Ownership incorrect for LC_MESSAGES in eggs. #Fixes 9301.


  • Adapt to 3.3rc3
  • Include non-binary simplejson in egg cache.
  • Add collective.recipe.backup.
  • Fix pid/lock file names in client2 of zeo config.


  • Adapt to Plone 3.3rc2
  • Include in base_skeleton. It may be confusing to some, but it’s vital if a buildout gets moved.


  • Adapt to Plone 3.3rc1


  • Adapt to Plone 3.3b1
  • Move Cheetah into egg cache, include non-binary Cheetah.

3.2.2r1 (unreleased)

  • Too many eggs pulled in in ZopeSkel part.


  • Adapt to 3.2.2.


  • Misspelling of .gz as .tz caused iniparse to be loaded from web. On 2009-02-27, a new, broken version of iniparse caused havoc.
  • Fixed capitalization errors in init scripts.


  • Fixed bug in –instance, did not work with simple name. Added tests.


  • Fixed bug in –with-python, issue #8938. Added tests.


  • Adapt to 3.2.1


  • Adapt to 3.2


  • Adapt to 3.2rc1.


  • Adapt to 3.2a1.

3.1 ex - testing installer features for Plone 3.2

  • When building Python on Darwin, don’t do setpgrp patch if MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is set for Tiger.
  • Switch to a single .py script for instance creation.
  • Create init plone site and content via plonectl (plone.recipe.unifiedinstaller) Remove from this kit.
  • Set up root-install cluster to run ZEO and clients under separate user ids. Don’t allow clients access to filestorage.
  • Unified control program “plonectl”
  • Replace Zope root page with a Plone-specific page
  • Install paster/ZopeSkel under the control of buildout
  • Optional build of readline, mainly needed for Leopard
  • –separate-zope, –skip-tool-tests, –log options, mainly useful for building the OS X installer.
  • Heavily commented buildout.cfgs with most major options set in variables at the top
  • buildout.cfg with commented out common products
  • Now installs to /usr/local/Plone rather than /opt/Plone-version. Uses /Applications/Plone on Darwin.


  • Update to Plone 3.1.4 release.


  • Update to Plone 3.1.3 release.


  • Update to Python 2.4.5, now officially supported by Zope 2.10.6.
  • Update to Plone 3.1.1 release.
  • Add –separate-zope command-line option to build/use a Zope outside of the buildout parts.


  • Update to Plone 3.1.1 release.


  • Update to Plone 3.1 release.

    • Changed the zeo template buildout.cfg clients to use ${zeoserver:zeo-address} rather than literals so that the zeoserver address is only in one spot.
  • Added option to skip running bin/buildout. Use –nobuildout flag.

  • Added documentation on building under OpenBSD.

  • Fixed a bug in the code that tries to find Python.h. This would have blocked attempts to build PIL for existing Pythons.

  • Add code to make work with tar variations that don’t support bzip2 and/org gunzip. Now requires bunzip2 and gunzip.


  • Change version numbering to match Plone; advance to 3.1-rc1.


  • Change version numbering to match Plone; advance to 3.1-beta1.

Beta 5

  • Pin to Plone 3.0.x.
  • If using –with-python and _imaging isn’t available, see if the headers to build it are available before giving up.
  • Set umask to 022 early in install.
  • Add cxx flag to python configure for global libs code branch.

Beta 4

  • Minor change in end-of-install message to accommodate splitting of adminPassword.txt in
  • Make it possible to run from a separate working directory.

Beta 3

  • Update to Plone 3.0.6, ZopeSkel 1.5.1.
  • Allow target command-line argument to be a relative path (thanks, Raphael Ritz).

Beta 2

  • Default to “newest=false” in buildout.cfg.
  • Direct most of build noise to a detailed log file in hopes that real errors will get noticed.

Beta 1

  • First major testing release
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